Pre Natal Yoga

PreNatal Yoga is a Yoga practice designed for pregnant women that addresses certain concerns you may have. There is a focus on breathing, gentle stretchings and movement, with props, if necessary

Answers to your most common questions 


Find the most common questions answered here. If you have more then reach out on our contact page. 

How early in pregnancy can I start taking prenatal yoga?

Before you start Prenatal, make sure you always talk to your health care provider. The second trimester is generally the best time to start, as early partice may increase the risks of a miscarriage.

What are the benefits?

// Improves sleep
// Reduces stress and anxiety
// Increases strength, flexibility and endurance in muscles needed during childbirth
// Decreases some common “side effects” such as carpal tunnel, low back pain, nausea,
shortness of breath, headaches

How long into pregnancy can I practice yoga?

As long as it feels good. Always listen to your body first.

Are inversions safe during pregnancy?

During a regular Yoga practice, where the inversions are part of it, you can continue. While pregnant, the center of gravity changes, so be aware of that. Just remember that there are alternatives, like legs up the wall. The most important thing is to listen to your body.  Either with inversions or any other poses, make sure to go in and out of the postures safely.

Are there any other poses that are considered unsafe to practice during pregnancy?

Yes there are.
// Avoid closed twists, because they can decrease circulation.
// Poses that target the abs are not advised
// Skip deep backbends
// Lying straight on your stomach is uncomfortable for both the mom and the baby
// Lying on the back for long periods of times should be avoided, during the second trimester