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If not, you can ask us questions via the form on our contact page

Reservations, Waiting List &Cancelations



You can book online or just drop in at the Flow Studio.


When a class is fully booked, you will be on the waiting list.
Whenever a spot becomes available, the 1st person on that list will receive an email, announcing the vacancy.

Cancellations (always via our online booking system)

Please, try to cancel more than 2 hours before the start of the class.
This gesture will grant waiting list students to be added to the class.

At the studio

I’m not in my best shape ever, can I try any activity at your studio?

YES!!!!! Inform the teacher of any injuries or medical / health issues, make sure to give as much details as you can, so that the teacher in charge can advise you accordingly and assure that your practice will be catered to you and your specific needs.

How often should I practice?

Do what you can, when you can.
Even if you practice once a week, you’ll feel the difference. If you can, try to practice two to three times a week but don’t let unrealistic expectations hit you.

What should I wear?

Clothing should be soft and supple without harsh seams, ideally be snug but not tight. Tight clothing limits movement and good blood flow (and the last thing you want is wardrobe malfunction during your practice!)

Can I practice while I am pregnant?

When attending a regular class (which is not intended specifically for pregnant women, for that we have Prenatal Yoga), be sure to tell the instructor that you are pregnant and what trimester you are in.

What about food?

When taking a class, please follow these simple guidelines: plan at least an hour before the class even, if it is the lightest meal, such as fruit or juice.


If you can, take a refreshing shower before class or wash your hands, feet, and face.


It is not advisable to smoke before the practice, as well as avoid wearing perfume.


We provide gift cards for all occasions, as it is a beautiful present to give to a loved one. Request them at the reception with the host, or teacher in charge.
Any Gift Card given is considered cash. Lost gift cards are lost cash, we can not honour them.


Put your phone on silent mode. If for any reason you need to keep your mobile with you, please inform the instructor and keep it on mute.

Please store your personal effects in the lockers, at the changing

Feel free to ask any specific questions before and after class.

We don’t offer WIFI. Talk with each other and pretend it is 1995!

Covid 19

We take measures seriously, in order to create a safe space for everyone.
Please only show up to Flow Studio if you have no symptoms, otherwise cancel your class.

At the studio


Be on time, please!

We encourage you to arrive 15 minutes before class begins,
so you can enjoy the space, drink a cup of tea, and properly settle in.

Be aware

Be mindful of your Human Sounds, as there may be classes going on.


Props are provided, with the exception of towels. But you are always welcome to bring your own.

After your class 

At the end of class, if you used the Studio props, please clean them properly and place them back tidily, for the next students.


For the moment, you can only pay in cash/ cheque at the studio.

Lost & left behind Items

If you believe you have left an item at our Studio, please make your way back, asap, during our opening times and our hosts/teachers will assist you.

Do you

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